Making Happiness and Success Practical

This is the theme of Bahadur Bahadur.

It is a collection of methodologies over the years, having lectured, mentored and coached thousands of individuals in the achievement of making happiness and success practical. It’s a journey of having the very best at your side, ensuring the above is achieved. The intervention resultant is over 100 benefits through at the highest levels. It is Science!

Who is it target market

For those who have been working so hard to achieve, however, just not getting the results. It could be a financial success, better relationships, better sex life, more energy, finding one’s purpose in life, weight loss, addiction issues, peacefulness, better health, stressed reduction, just wanting to be happy and feeling successful. Just wanting to break away from this materialist world.

You are wanting “Heaven on Earth, living in a state of ecstasy, happy and successful”.


The company provides mentorship over a long-term process based on mutual trust and respect focused on creating an informal relationship between the mentor and mentee.

Consultation and Advisory

The company provides consultation and advisory services through a group of highly intelligent, competent and innovative individuals, with the resultant of gaining counsel, a competitive advantage, empowering the making of better decisions and clarity. As well as, designed to help achieve emergent and prescriptive objectives.

General Business Services

The company provides general business services at the highest level of professionalism, quality, and reliability.

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