Succeed with Nothing

Succeed with Nothing, from rags to riches.

The book is written for entrepreneurs, individuals seeking inspiration, targeting people who would originally shy away from reading. It is an easy reference, for those seeking immediate information, from first-hand encounters, recording the DNA and principles of success.

Serving as an easy reference handbook, a step-by-step guide people can use to help them achieve their goals, this was the inspiration in composing the publication. The author believed to deliver a piece of work that would support and inspire individuals to reach for their goals and don't quit attitude.

The goal is to provide the readers with a road map to success. As an individual looking to succeed, or what feels like nothing, life can be extremely difficult. “Succeed with Nothing” is a tool, as a reference and when required, helping achieve your goals for personal and business success. It is not a get rich quick scheme or an easy way out, it is mentorship, a method of doing and applying the knowledge that will change one's life, reading it once from cover to cover will not be the best way to get the most from it, rather page by page. Remember that faith is a doing word and that is what the author encourages one to do – DO SOMETHING! Here is another tip, make friends, network and achieve 1 + 1 = 3.


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